“Finnish startup Huoleti Oy is developing a smartphone application that makes it simpler for cancer patients to get help and peer support. The company aims to build its solution in Finland, brand it in the United States and then take it to the European market and around the world”

Huoleti has been featured in a Helsinki Business Hub article on how “Huoleti weaves networks of care for cancer patients”.

About Helsinki business hub: Helsinki Business Hub is the international trade and investment promotion agency for the capital of Finland. We help foreign companies to set up their business, grow, and develop in Helsinki. We focus our activities especially on (but not limited to) the following fields: information and communication technology, health, smart and clean technologies, and hotel investments.

The article focuses on how the concept of Huoleti aims to help cancer patients to continue on with their lives with the use of a peer support group created by a network of volunteers and close on of the patient. It also has a small view of the history of the startup and our roots

You can read the Helsinki Business hub article here.

Huoleti Oy is the provider of the Kindfull service. The Kindfull application was formerly known as Huoleti.