Maria01 conducted a study about the net impact behind all the companies that are/were part of Maria 01 during 2019. The study was was created together with The Upright Project and that resulted in concrete profiles from the startups’ impact in terms of environment, society, knowledge, and health. The aim with this study is to provide concrete insights and open up the dialogue about the alternatives of measuring the impact of a company beyond the traditional metrics.

The Upright Project gathered information from scientific articles and publicly available data sources from all our companies to do their net impact modelling. Their model comprises 19 impact categories in four dimensions showcasing the positive and negative impacts from a company. You can read more about their model here.

In the study Huoleti got the high scores in categories: Largest contributors to positive relationships impact and Largest contributors to positive meaning & joy impact. As a company we are super proud of scoring high in those categories because that is exactly what we want to do: provide tools to stay connected to your community at any times – no one should be left alone when life gives lemons. Providing support and having an opportunity to walk the path together brings joy and gives positive meaning to the struggles we have gone through.

Huoleti was well scored in the categories of Treating and preventing diseases and Distributing knowledge as well. Download full impact report 2019 here

About Maria01

Maria 01 is the leading startup campus in the Nordics. Maria01 provides the most thriving environment for ambitious tech startups, venture capitalists, and large enterprises in the tech community to help each other succeed. The vision is for all startups in Finland to have a place where they can successfully dream, try out new ideas, sometimes fail, start again, and find their way to growth and success. Find their related blog post here.