Kindfull was recently featured in Business Finland’s digital booklet “Cancer expertise from Finland” which focuses on Finland’s ongoing battle against cancer. The booklet aims to display why Finland is one of the global leaders in cancer research and care. It highlights the most innovative and unique companies who are changing how we prevent, cure and manage cancer. Kindfull is featured on page 104 under the life management sector.

We at Kindfull are featured in the booklet because of our innovative and passionate endeavour in supporting those who have been affected by physical and mental health issues. Our app focuses on keeping loved ones close and bringing help to those who need it. We do this by offering support groups, open discussions, personalised news updates and in-app services to better help those who are struggling.

Our app aims to help cancer patients by providing them with news updates on discoveries found within cancer research. The Kindfull app gives patients a reliable and active source of information to keep everyone informed and more engaged with their recovery. We also offer discussion groups in a variety of sectors including cancer, which aim to create a sense of community for those who are dealing with the same issues. We aim to have trained advisors active within the discussions so that everyone has a reliable person to share their worries and experiences with.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on Kindfull’s progress!