Kindfull will be taking part in Nordic AMPlify 2021. Alongside 11 other nordic health and med-tech based companies.

What is Nordic AMPlify 2021?

Nordic AMPlify 2021 is a project that is co-funded by Nordic innovation as part of the Life Science and Health Tech programme running from 2021-2024. The programme focuses on making the Nordics a leading region in life science and healthcare on a global scale. With backing and support from Nordic prime ministers, they aim for the Nordics to be the most sustainable and intergrated region by 2030.

How does Nordic AMPlify 2021 aim to achieve this?

Nordic AMPlify has identified that there is a bilateral lack of awareness of Nordic based companies on how to enter the US health market. Which is accompanied by the lack of awareness of Nordic health and med-tech startups in the US healthcare sector. Nordic AMPlify aims to break this disconnect by educating the selected startup companies on how the US healthcare sector works, how to connect with an American market and finally how to breach the cultural barrier between the US and Nordic countries.

Nordic AMPlify will be running from May 2021 to May 2022 and provides:

  • Hands-on support from US healthcare systems.
  • Pilots and test beds.
  • Co-development.
  • Mentoring by best-in-class clinical and business leaders.
  • Funding opportunities by providing direct access to a large network of prominent venture capitalists and investment firms.
  • US network development.
  • Defined learning modules optimizing the chances of success.
  • Partnering and collaboration with other Nordic companies also entering the US.


We at Kindfull would like to thank Nordic AMPlify for the opportunity to partake in the programme.

Read more about Nordic AMPlify 2021 here