How can I start using Kindfull?
Kindfull is available for Android and iOS smartphones. You can download the app via your application store. You can become a registered user using either your email address or your Facebook account. If you have received a code from your patient organisation you can use it to access more information and services.

If you have signed up to use a previous release of the Kindfull app you can still log in using your old account.

Do I have to pay to use the Kindfull app?
The Kindfull app is available to users free of charge! You can access more information and services by registering as a user and using codes provided by your patient organisations, but the application will still be free for you to use.
Is Kindfull safe to use?
The Kindfull app complies with all information security rules and laws. We respect the privacy of our users and limit the transfer of all data.

You can control the information you wish to give out and even use Kindfull completely anonymously. Only your nickname is shown when you partake in discussions.

How can I join a private circle?
If you want to join a private circle, the owner of said circle has to share the joining code with you. The code is found on the wall of the circle. Copy the code and enter it in the text field found in the navigation menu. The navigation menu can be accessed by pressing the button on the top left corner of your dashboard.
What is the difference between private and public circles?
Private circles are only available to those who have received the invitation code, and they are not shown to any outside users. Public circles, however, are available and visible to all users who are interested in the topics of the circle. You can arrange help and share any news or updates within all kinds of circles.
Why can’t I comment a discussion I took part in before?
The original poster of the discussion can close and thus inactivate their discussions. You cannot comment on a closed discussion. You can start a new discussion if you still wish to talk about the topic, though!
What is a trained peer support person?
A trained peer support person is someone trained by their organisation. They can take part in discussions and share their knowledge and support!
How can I become a trained peer support person?
You can become a peer support person by contacting your organisation and asking if they collaborate with Kindfull. Different organisations occasionally train new peer support people to help us make Kindfull an even better community.